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  • WINKEL Catálogos en PDF

    WINKEL Hose Reels Catalogue

    New PDF hose reel catalogue with 132 pages, all images with technical drawings and datas, all needed informations of WINKEL hose reels.
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  • NUEVO WINKEL Catálogos en PDF

    Catálogo de productos

    Catálogo en PDF con 418 páginas, ilustraciones de productos, dibujos técnicos, todos requieren información de WINKEL en español.
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  • WINKEL Catálogos en PDF


    The FAST PICK STATION consists of a work station that processes, shrink wraps, stacks and conveys palett-ready shipments quickly and effi ciently. The goods are forwarded down through the shaft and shrink wrapped immediately, securing the goods for shipment.
    More about the FAST PICK STATION, you find here
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  • WINKEL Catálogos en PDF


    The revolutionary new COLIBRI standard storage and retrieval systems for custom containers or cardboard cartons and Puma for pallets and larger crates lead the way over conventional systems storage systems. They will help maximize throughput, minimize storage space, and eliminate staging or buffer zones.
    More about COLIBRI, you find here
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